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The aim of this e-Learning course is to support the integration of the Ombudsman Office (or "Mediation Body") as defined in the Financial Services Act (FinSA) into a company's complaints management policy and procedures, for the appropriate management of legal, compliance, reputation and regulatory risks.

The course is divided into six chapters. It begins by providing general terms and definitions, then gives a historic overview of Swiss investor protection behind the FinSA. It delivers an explanation of the role and mandate of the Ombudsman Office, the nature of disputes and the different resolution methods as per the Civil Procedure Code (CPC).

The training further explores the obligations introduced by the FinSA for the financial service providers. These include several duties, such as participating, providing information, and financial participation. Participants will understand the Commercial Mediation procedure, providing a detailed overview of each step: complaint, preliminary review, orientation or organization, proceeding, and options if the dispute is not abandoned or resolved.


The Ombudsman Office contributes to the appropriate management of legal, compliance, reputation, and regulatory risks associated with client dissatisfaction in the financial sector. Using the Financial Institutions Act (FinIA) as an example, the training explains the relation between the Ombudsman Office and Risk Management from a compliance perspective and offers a diagram of the possible organization of complaints handling. A vademecum is also available to download: it serves as a comprehensive guide for Swiss and foreign financial service providers to appropriately manage client complaints and comply with regulatory requirements outlined in the FinSA.


Approximately 45 minutes.


The module is intended for anyone working in the Swiss financial sector or interested in mediation, particularly commercial mediation.




Formal assessment consisting of 10 questions per module with a passing grade of 80% forms part of this course.


Upon successful completion, participants will obtain a certificate of completion.


English, German, French and Italian.

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