Automate your processes and compliance checks

Connect any solution to indigita API and get a cross-border answer to your situation.
The indigita API is able to digest specific contextual information and return the appropriate regulatory answer based on Country Manuals.

Are you providing banking software solutions?
Then your clients must comply with CROSS-BORDER REGULATION!

At indigita, we automate cross-border compliance checks.
These checks are performed along the investment advice journey starting from banking and investment services, through product placement to tax suitability.

By taking advantage of our expertise, our complementary services will allow you to deliver a more compliant banking software to your clients.

Together we can achieve a strong partnership and serve the rapidly growing clients’ demands.

Partner with indigita!


The technical gateway to compliance

Easy integration

Our API is using standard technology (REST and JSON format) and can be plugged to your system in a couple of hours.

Get the answer to your specific situation

Our API is giving you access to all the available intelligence and can provide the answers for simple or complex situations.

Always up to date

Our data and rules are continuously updated. Calling our API ensures you receive a compliant answer.

Filter suitable products

Our API is able to filter a list of products and send you back only the suitable ones for your clients and situations.

Cloud-based solution

Access our API from anywhere at any time. Our cloud is hosted in Switzerland and is accessible 24/7.

Pay only for what you use

Keep your cost under control by selecting a ‘pay-per-click’ approach and pay only when you access the information. 

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