E-Learning doesn’t rhyme with boring anymore

Through immersive and engaging scenarios, learn the fundamental Cross-Border rules, how  to behave according to market conduct in securities trading regulation, or the specificities of the country you are active on.

An innovative way to learn

Emotional stimuli

Delegate wrong choices to the bad guy.

Natural cognitive representation

Learn within meaningful contexts.

Create multiple memory triggers

Provide multi-modal anchors for learned regulations.

Relate to self

Make the end user identify him/herself with a competent regulatory specialist.

Reinforce self-efficiency

Present the end user with meaningful choices.

Promote adaptive attribution

Put the learner in a position of power.

Flexible deployment

Software as a Service (SaaS) or deployed on your system. We can adapt to your requirements.

On our cloud

Our inLearning courses and quizzes can be accessed through our online platform. You can track the progress of your team members and verify  who follows specific course.

On your internal LMS

Our courses can be delivered in SCORM format. You can then integrate them into your internal Learning Management System (LMS). E-Test can be delivered in GIFT format.

Cross-Border Foundation course

Targeting and servicing clients domiciled abroad is exposing the Bank to important risks. Before acting toward this type of clientele all employees should be aware of general rules and bank’s internal policies concerning Cross-Border activities. – Understanding of the definition and most important principles of Cross-Border activities – Awareness of the main risks conducting Cross-Border activities – Autonomously solving the most frequent day-to-day Cross-Border challenges – Complying with internal Cross-Border framework and business travel requirements

Country Specific courses

Take this course to get your “passport” for a specific country. Going through a captivating scenario you will learn how to manage the whole relationship with prospects/clients, from prospecting phase to reporting, in compliance with applicable laws and regulation. 

Market Abuse course

Empower your employees with this course on market conduct in securities trading regulation. They will benefit by getting: – An overview of definitions and concepts of Market Abuse – A clear explanation of FMIA (Art. 142/154 Insider Trading and Art. 143/155 Market/Price Manipulation) and the FINMA Circular 13/8 – An understanding of impacted persons, obligations and sanctions – The connection with other regulations

Anti Money Laundering learning path 

The learning path focuses on promoting knowledge on the new AML and CDB 2020 regulations. Our innovative approach uses the latest micro-learning and game-based techniques.  Going through 10 Olympic games from the past years, you will cover 5 main topics: General Knowledge, Beneficial Owner, Contracting Party, Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Transactions (KYT).

Our differences

Our inLearning concept is unique, combining innovative approach, technology and tailor-made services. 

Continuously updated

The content of our inLearning courses and quizzes is automatically updated with regulatory changes. Maintenance, which was always the major issue with e-learning, is seamless for you. 


All our courses can be customized to integrate your own strategy, decision or branding. We are also offering tailor-made services to create new sections based on your specificities.

Certification readiness

Our large repository of questions can be used to validate the knowledge of your staff before they are active in a country. Questions are connected to standard content or to your own customized version of the rules, hence reflect your own strategy. 


Our innovative inLearning concept allows participants to be more engaged. The gamification of the learning exercise proves to be the ideal method to reduce reluctance and improved memorization of the content.                                                                            

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