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Centro Studi Villa Negroni and Indigita: new growths in the partnership

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Over the past year, Centro Studi Villa Negroni (CSVN) has entered into an important collaboration with a strategic partner for the development of e-Learning training. This partner company is named Indigita: founded in 2016 and based in Geneva, it is positioned as a trusted provider of e-Learning solutions in the field of compliance, aimed at professionals active in the banking and asset management industry.

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The thirty-year experience of CSVN in the continuing education field and the focus on the needs of professionals in the Ticino area, as well as the focus on the most innovative modes of interaction, are factors behind the synergy in this partnership.

Specifically, the collaboration has resulted in the publication and marketing of 4 new courses in fully digital format on the CSVN website, namely:

- Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

- Cross- Border Foundation & Country-specific courses

- Financial Services Act (LSerFi / LSFin / FinSA / FIDLEG)

- Market Abuse

The peculiarity of these courses consists in the methods of interaction by the participants, who can independently access the training content, through their own device and without any constraint of time or space.

The start of this collaboration and the presentation of the new E-learning training products is in line with the policy of the Centro Studi Villa Negroni, which has always placed the emphasis on the renewal of the training needs of its users.

More information for access to these specific training offers are available at:

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