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ECOLE, e-Compliance Learning Paths - The new solution for on-going training

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Geneva, 25 June 2020Swiss regtech company Indigita and regulatory expert BRP Bizzozero and Partners SA have launched their new e-Compliance Learning (ECOLE) solution. The programme features a range of learning paths based on regulatory alerts, issued by BRP, and enables ongoing education on key compliance topics and current case law.

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ECOLE is an ongoing training solution for financial professionals willing to stay in tune with Swiss financial regulation. It aims to allow participants to deepen and consolidate on an on-going basis their knowledge about financial regulation, contractual obligation and related case law.

The content of the different learning paths is based on alerts published by BRP, which highlight changes in regulation and compliance practice whenever they occur. The content of these alerts is turned into short e-learning sequences and matching exercises to get participants up to speed with current topics (AML, FINSA, FINMA, ESG, Market Abuse, MiFID II, etc.) in a short amount of time.

On average, the different learning paths take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete and can easily be fitted into a busy work schedule. New paths are published with a frequency of at least three per month.

BRP’s Senior Legal Advisor Donatella Favalli said: «The new e-Compliance Learning paths allow practitioners in legal, compliance, internal audit, risk and related roles to keep their knowledge up-to-date and be ready to tackle regulatory challenges. It also represents the ideal solution for frontline staff whose daily work is increasingly subject to compliance duties and regulatory constraints. The solution is equally attractive from an employer’s point of view, because it allows staff to be trained on an ongoing basis, as required by regulators.»

Indigita Head of E-Learning Andrea Briganti said: «Continuous learning is crucial, especially in a context where legislation is constantly evolving, as is the case with the banking sector. Our e-Compliance Learning – ECOLE – offers a wide and growing range of compliance topics and pursues a simple objective: maintain and increase compliance competence through quick and timely modules.»

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