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inApp helps relationship managers keep investments with a toxic tax effect out of client portfolios

Swiss regtech company Indigita SA has enhanced the tax capabilities of its award-winning inApp solution to significantly improve tax suitability advice on a country-by-country basis. Thanks to an extended mapping of tax parameters contained in the SIX database and the expertise of leading tax knowledge provider BRP Tax SA, financial professionals obtain accurate, country-specific information on the tax impact of investment products by simply entering an ISIN code.

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Due to country-specific tax regulations, the same financial product can have a very different impact on the overall performance of an investment portfolio, depending on the client’s residence. For relationship managers, it’s crucial to be aware of these effects in order to provide the best advice to their clients. However, when evaluating tax impact comparisons of different financial products and assessing potential restrictions, relationship managers are confronted with a multitude of tax rules and regulations. To simplify this complex task, Indigita has introduced new tax criteria in inApp, enabling financial advisors to assess the tax treatment and tax suitability of financial products with even greater accuracy and to obtain instant, straightforward answers.

The enhanced capabilities of inApp help financial professionals identify the most tax-favourable products and ensure that there will not be any unintended negative effects on the overall performance of a portfolio when selecting certain assets. To obtain information on the tax suitability of a financial product, inApp users simply enter one or more ISIN codes. The application will rate each product from a tax perspective on a four-point scale with values ranging from “Recommended” to “Neutral” and “Not recommended” down to “Detrimental”. InApp also provides a comment on the tax treatment and alerts users about the tax rate.

InApp is a modular solution, designed to support financial professionals through every step of the complete client management lifecycle and covers private banking and asset management activities, product placement, product appropriateness as well as tax suitability checks. To provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive guidance, inApp is based on the most important regulatory insights contained in the Country Manuals published by BRP Bizzozero & Partners SA for more than 190 jurisdictions and BRP Tax for more than 80 jurisdictions. The standalone web application requires no integration effort, is hosted on a secure infrastructure in the Swiss cloud and can be accessed from any device, including laptops, smartphones and tablets. InApp is part of Indigita’s broad offering of digital cross-border and compliance solutions.

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