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Indigita and BRP Tax introduce new online course on the UK tax regime for non-domiciled UK residents

Swiss regtech company Indigita SA has launched a new e-Learning course titled "Cross Border Tax - UK Resident Non-Domiciled (RND)" for financial intermediaries and wealth managers. The training has been developed in collaboration with BRP Tax SA, a leading provider of cross-border tax expertise, to teach the mechanics of the UK tax regime for non-domiciled UK residents and to explain the applicable tax rates for different sources of revenue.

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The course begins with a general overview of the UK tax regime for non-domiciled persons and explains the difference between tax residence and tax domicile. It continues by describing the income tax regimes for UK non-domiciled individuals and explains the distinction between the Arising Basis regime and the Remittance Basis regime.

The training also highlights the importance of creating segregated accounts for different types of income to enable tax-free remittances. The course then looks at specific tax scenarios and explains how tax rules apply if an income originates from a life insurance bond, or when the creation of trusts and foundations is involved.

The training rounds up with an explanation of the tax treatment for different financial products, such as loans, equities, bonds, derivatives, investment funds, crypto assets, and others, and concludes with a series of knowledge checks to assess participants' learning progress for the different modules.

The training does not require prior knowledge of the topic, lasts approximately 40 minutes, and it is available in English.

More information on the entire range of Indigita e-Learning courses:

The course can also be purchased online through the new Indigita e-Shop:


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