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Indigita and BRP Tax present the Tax Advanced Monitoring Investment Solution - TAMIS

Swiss regtech company Indigita SA together with BRP Tax SA, a leading provider of tax expertise, have developed the Tax Advanced Monitoring Investment Solution (TAMIS). The tool enables financial planners, investment advisors and portfolio managers to assess the tax impact of an entire portfolio for different geographical markets and special tax regimes.

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TAMIS is designed to ease the planning of tax-efficient investment strategies for financial planners, investment advisors and portfolio managers and thereby mitigate the commercial risks of financial institutions. Thanks to data provided by BRP Tax, the tool offers its users unprecedent guidance on the tax treatment and tax suitability of all financial products on a country-by-country basis (including special tax regimes) for 80 jurisdictions.

With TAMIS, financial professionals can compile tailored tax suitable recommendation lists by target market, compare financial products by tax ratings and identify "toxic" products. By simply entering one or more ISIN codes and choosing the country of applicability, as well as the tax regime, TAMIS users get instant and straightforward assessment results with a clear visualization of the information provided in the Country Manuals Tax.

TAMIS represents a further addition to Indigita’s extensive portfolio of digital solutions for Private banking and Wealth management. It is hosted on a secure infrastructure in the Swiss cloud and requires no integration.

More information on TAMIS:

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