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Indigita and Centro Studi Villa Negroni launch e-Learning course on the Financial Services Act

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Geneva, 10 June 2020Swiss regtech company Indigita and financial training provider Centro Studi Villa Negroni (CSVN) have released a new e-Learning course to train staff of financial institutions on the Financial Services Act (FinSA). The training focuses on the role of regulation to strengthen investor protection, level the playing field for financial institutions and align Swiss law with the European regulatory framework, particularly MiFID II and the EU Prospectus Regulation.

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The launch of the course follows the recent announcement of the partnership between Indigita and CSVN in the area of compliance training for financial institutions. For the new FinSA online training, CSVN has performed an expert review on the course content, developed the final assessment and created the Italian language version. The course is aimed at client advisors of Swiss financial institutions and client advisors of foreign institutions, who are serving clients in Switzerland. For both groups, training on FinSA regulation is a mandatory requirement.

The FinSA e-Learning course starts with a theory part, which fosters the understanding of regulations to protect clients of financial service providers and establish equal conditions for all market players. Participants will learn how these regulations help enhance the reputation and competitiveness of Switzerland as a financial centre. The comprehensive list of topics covered in the theory part includes general provisions, client typologies, code of conduct, appropriateness and suitability, documentation and transparency, conflict of interest, control systems as well as administrative and criminal sanctions. Participants need to complete all theory segments before they can continue with the course.

The second part of the training consists of a quiz to test and confirms participants’ understanding of current regulations, making sure they know how to avoid violations in order to mitigate regulatory risk when dealing with clients. After successful completion of the quiz, CSVN will submit the results to the Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ), where the course will be recognised under the SAQ’s behavioural competences framework.

CSVN Director Tamara Erez said: «We believe that the FinSA e-learning course will allow financial institutions to increase their staff’s knowledge and overall consciousness of regulatory duties with the help of a useful tool that can be easily managed. This educational instrument allows the effective and practical dissemination of learning concepts within the whole enterprise.»

Indigita Head of E-Learning Andrea Briganti said: «The FinSA training is the very first e-learning course that we developed in full cooperation with CSVN. It represents not only the first result of our partnership but also the evidence that e-learning is a valid training method to explain compliance and regulatory topics in a clear and frictionless way.»

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