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Indigita brings revolutionary cross-border prospecting tool to its inApp product range

Swiss regtech company Indigita has unveiled a new version of its award-winning inApp solution, which extends powerful capabilities to support financial advisors in approaching prospective cross-border clients to the entire inApp product range. Financial professionals can now get precise and actionable regulatory guidance for specific client acquisition scenarios in real time with any edition of inApp, allowing them to grow their international business in a safe and compliant way.

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Acquiring new customers in a cross-border setting contains numerous regulatory pitfalls and can create significant risks for financial institutions. Staying compliant amid an increasingly complex regulatory environment has become an arduous task that often slows down business growth. With inApp, Indigita provides an easy-to-use digital solution to help financial advisors deal with the regulatory challenges of the prospecting phase, allowing them to pursue cross-border business opportunities in an efficient and compliant way. Powerful prospecting capabilities are now available across the entire inApp product range, including the inApp Bronze edition.

InApp’s prospecting component offers professionals at financial institutions and intermediaries clear and instant guidance on whether and how they can approach a prospective client in light of the most current regulations. This includes detailed information on the type of documentation they can provide to a prospect, such as general company information or marketing material, and whether they are allowed to give investment advice. To bring up the desired information for a specific client scenario, the user needs to enter only a basic set of information, consisting of a prospect’s domicile, qualifications and cross-border situation.

The introduction of prospecting capabilities across the entire inApp product range enables complete client lifecycle management in all editions, including inApp Bronze. All editions cover regulations for private banking, external asset management services and credit activities, while the advanced inApp Silver and inApp Gold editions provide additional guidance on product placement, product appropriateness and tax suitability, and can simulate even highly complex client models and cross-border situations. At the 2022 Wealth Briefing Swiss External Asset Management Awards, Indigita has won the “Best Compliance Solution” award for its inApp solution.

To provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive guidance, inApp draws on the leading regulatory knowledge contained in the Country Manuals published by BRP Bizzozero & Partners SA for more than 190 jurisdictions. The stand-alone web application requires zero integration effort, is hosted on a secure Swiss cloud infrastructure and can be accessed from any device, including laptops, smart phones and tablets. InApp forms part of Indigita’s broad offering of digital cross-border and compliance solutions.

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