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Indigita introduces new API solution to monitor compliance of cross-border travel

Swiss regtech company Indigita SA has launched a new API solution for financial institutions and intermediaries to simplify and enhance the cross-border travel authorisation process for relationship managers.

The Indigita Travel API works in connection with the Indigita e-Learning platform and establishes a direct link between learning management system and corporate travel platform to automatically flag or block travel authorisation requests that do not comply with regulatory training requirements.

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Today's highly dynamic cross-border regulations environment requires financial institutions and intermediaries to provide on-going training to their staff in order to keep up with mandatory educational requirements. Compliance with these requirements is of particular importance when relationship managers travel abroad to meet with existing or prospective clients. Indigita's new Travel API mitigates the risks associated with non-compliant cross-border travel and drastically lowers manual effort by compliance departments to monitor such activities.

The Indigita Travel API links a company's travel authorisation process with its learning management system to check whether mandatory training requirements for specific travel requests have been met. Based on this information, relationship managers will be blocked from submitting travel requests if they haven't completed all mandatory country-specific and/or general cross-border training relevant to their travel plans.

Indigita API keeps a downloadable audit trail, which is accessible at any time for internal and external reviewing purposes. The solution exchanges information in JSON format and can be easily integrated with existing systems. Use of the Travel API solution requires a valid subscription to the Indigita e-Learning platform.

More information on the Indigita Travel API:

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