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Indigita launches new online training on GDPR for Swiss banks

Swiss regtech company Indigita SA has launched a new introductory e-Learning course on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for Swiss financial institutions. The course focuses on EU regulation, explains the fundamentals and relevance of GDPR, teaches participants how to identify and manage personal data, and outlines the mandatory process in case of a loss of data.

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The rapid progression of data protections laws has made the safeguarding of personal information a key task for every company. Fulfilling data protection requirements is an effort that relies on the awareness and support of the entire organisation. Indigita's new introductory online training on GDPR has been designed to help businesses gain the necessary level of knowledge on this important regulation across different departments and is aimed at professionals working in general management, compliance, legal, sales, marketing, HR and customer support.

The GDPR protects the personal data of people living in the European Union and can apply to Swiss financial institutions interacting with EU residents, regardless of where these financial institutions are based or registered. The new online course provides participants with clear and structured guidance on the GDPR framework, which applies in addition to the Swiss law on data protection, and enables them to mitigate legal, financial and reputational risks, which can result from collecting and processing personal information from EU residents.

The new online training covers the main definitions and principles of GDPR, its area of applicability and the impact on different types of organisations. Participants learn about the different categories of data and how to handle personal data of EU residents in a compliant way. The course also explains the legal responsibilities of companies, including mandatory reporting requirements, the risks and penalties in case of a violation of the law, and the rights of individuals related to their personal data.

The online training takes users step-by-step through the different sections and combines theory with interactive elements, examples and scenario-based exercises. The course does not require prior knowledge of the topic, lasts approximately 30 minutes and concludes with a final assessment to check participants’ learning progress.

The new introductory course on GDPR represents a further addition to Indigita’s extensive e-Learning solutions portfolio and is available in English as of now.

More information about the GDPR online training and Indigita’s entire e-Learning offering:

The course can also be purchased online through the new Indigita e-Shop:

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