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Indigita launches new series of digital courses on cross-border product placement

Swiss regtech company Indigita SA adds a series of new courses on cross-border product placement to its range of e-Learning solutions. The courses cover more than 180 countries and have been developed on the basis of the Country Manuals published by BRP Bizzozero & Partners SA. The online trainings allow banks and financial intermediaries to educate relationship managers on product placement rules related to specific geographic markets.

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For client advisors, it’s crucial to know if a financial product can be advertised, recommended, sold or distributed to a client domiciled in a specific country. Indigita’s new courses on product placement allow financial professionals to gain a solid understanding of the various rules that need to be applied. The theory part of the trainings explains the key concepts and main definitions for each specific jurisdiction as they relate to private banking activities, product registration and pre-trade documentation for clients.

The courses are designed in an interactive way and have users follow a simple “yes” or “no” decision tree to receive the appropriate answer for a specific business situation. The trainings take into account different types of mandates, such as execution only, advisory and discretionary, illustrates various scenarios and provides detailed information based on activity type, initiating party (solicitation), investor type and the actual financial product.

Each course can be completed in approximately 25 minutes and features a final assessment to test participants’ learning progress. As with all of Indigita’s e-Learning solutions, the trainings combine theoretical foundations with practical application to offer an engaging learning experience.

The new course series on product placement suitability for specific countries complements Indigita’s wide range of e-Learning solutions and is available in English as of now.

More information on Indigita’s e-Learning offering:

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