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Indigita launches new line of online trainings on cross-cultural competence and business etiquette

Swiss regtech company Indigita SA has launched a new line of compact online courses on cross-cultural topics. The short and to-the-point trainings equip financial professionals with crucial knowledge on how to properly interact with clients and prospects from different cultural backgrounds.

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Our global financial marketplace brings together people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Each of these cultures comes with its distinct norms, behaviours and etiquettes in regard to communication and how business is done. For relationship managers and financial advisors, it’s vital to have an adequate level of cross-cultural and social competence in order to successfully work with clients and prospects across borders.

To help financial professionals acquire the knowledge necessary to handle cross-cultural business relationships, Indigita has launched a series of compact online courses called “Cultural Pills”. Each course is addressing the culture of a specific country and features three main chapters:

  • Behaviour: general cultural values and traditions, types and formats of greeting, nuances of non-verbal communication and body language, as well as entertainment

  • Meetings: how to conduct business and corporate meetings, appropriate topics to speak about, how to approach interlocutors and maintain a pleasant and fruitful conversation, as well as the etiquette around giving and receiving gifts

  • Taboos: topics and actions, which should be avoided

As with all of Indigita’s e-Learning solutions, the “Cultural Pills” short courses combine theoretical parts with interactive elements to offer an engaging learning experience. Each country-specific course can be completed in approximately 15 minutes.

The new line of “Cultural Pills” courses complements Indigita’s wide range of e-Learning solutions and is available in English as of now. Among others, the following countries are covered at this stage: Argentina, Canada, China, Japan, India, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey. Additional countries will be added in the future.

More information on Indigita’s e-Learning offering:

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