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Indigita publishes a universal cybersecurity course for professionals from all economic sectors

Swiss regtech company Indigita SA has published a universal cybersecurity e-Learning course, aimed at organisations seeking to mitigate operational, administrative, financial, and reputational risks related to the handling of electronic information. The training supports businesses across all sectors and geographic locations in protecting their business operations, employees, and client data.

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The digitisation of the business environment has not only opened a world of new opportunities but has also created a host of challenges for organisations when it comes to protecting data. To help address these challenges in an effective manner, Indigita has developed a universal cybersecurity online course, which helps companies and individual professionals to increase their awareness of potential cyberattacks, contributing to a safe, efficient, and risk-aware environment.

The course serves as a primer on cybersecurity for professionals of all industries and across jurisdictions. Participants will learn about the different forms of cybersecurity incidents that arise from the use of the internet, communication through email, use of workplace infrastructure, social engineering techniques, and the handling of information. The training explains how to detect and reduce potential cybersecurity threats and how to mitigate the potential impact in the event of an incident.

Indigita Head of e-Learning Andrea Briganti said: “Cyber-attacks pose a major operational risk to organisations. Regular cybersecurity training for all employees helps mitigate such risks and represents the critical first line of defence against cyber threats. It empowers professionals to recognise different methods of attack, such as phishing, malware, ransomware and other types, and teaches them best practices to prevent such attacks from causing damage.”

The universal cybersecurity course forms part of Indigita’s e-Learning course series on risk management and complements the existing cybersecurity training designed specifically for Swiss financial institutions. The training takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, combines theory with interactive elements, and does not require any prior knowledge of the topic. The course can be booked as part of a corporate subscription or purchased by individual professionals directly through the Indigita e-Shop.

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