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Indigita's Compliance Contest - Facts & Figures

Source: Indigita SA

During the month of October 2022, Indigita launched its first compliance contest for experts in the field of Regulation and Compliance. The goal was to offer a free and comprehensive assessment of their professional knowledge, while competing for valuable prizes among their peers.

The contest was divided into 10 compliance topics, which included:

1. Anti-Money Laundering and CDB

2. Market Abuse

3. International Sanctions

4. FinSA Suitability and Appropriateness

5. FinSA Client Segmentation and Onboarding

6. Bribery

7. Automatic Exchange of Information


9. Compliance in Credits

10. Cyber Security

Upon completion of the contest, Indigita granted a certificate of completion to all participants and awarded the top 3 contestants with three premium prizes.

Compliance Contest Performance

In terms of performance, our participants excelled particularly in the fields of Anti-Money Laundering and Cybersecurity, however, performed less successfully in the fields of Bribery, International Sanctions and FinSA Client Segmentation and Onboarding.

Contest Facts & Figures

In terms of participation, the following infographic shows an overview of the contest’s facts and figures:

Compliance Contest Winners & Feedback

Mr. Thomas Steinebrunner, the n°1 compliance winner, commented:

"The tests revealed the comprehensive range Indigita is offering in the field of e-learning. Some of the content was very deanding and challenging."

Mr. Alexander Müller, the n°2 compliance winner, wrote:

“The participation on the contest gave me the possibility to review my compliance knowledge in an exam-like situation. A good experience!”

Ms. Margarida Rato, the n°3 compliance winner, said:

“The quiz was fun, albeit a bit long. It was very wide-ranging, and covered a lot of different topics, so made me more aware of the subjects where I am less knowledgeable, which is always positive if I want to improve.”

"Great fun. Great idea. Good refresher to various topics. Good selection of topics. Funny and useful. Good initiative. Good tool."


At Indigita, we thoroughly prepare and offer a wide range of e-Learning trainings which any financial institution or intermediary can benefit from. These courses are in the fields of cross-border, anti-money laundering, market abuse, international sanctions, digital assets, cybersecurity and many more.

Moreover, we offer tailor-made trainings to meet the specific needs of our clients, including corporate content, gamification features, co-branded or white label design, and the possibility to get trained in different languages.

To learn more on our e-Learning offering, please contact us at

If you wish to stay up to date with all of our company’s updates, make sure to follow us on our social media channels and stay tuned for more events.

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