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Indigita's survey Sheds Light on the implementation of ESG Best Practices by Swiss banks

On June 28, 2023, Indigita, a leading provider of regulatory intelligence and training solutions for the financial industry, organized a highly anticipated event in Geneva together with the company Prometeia. The focus of the event was to discuss and share insights on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) best practices in the European Union (EU) and Switzerland. With increasing regulatory requirements and market demand for sustainable investing, the event aimed to gauge the current state of ESG implementation among banks and explore practical solutions.

Survey Reveals Banks' Progress in ESG Implementation:

During the event, Indigita conducted a survey to gather participants' perspectives and obtain a preliminary overview of the ESG landscape within the banking sector. The survey results, which was conducted on a limited number of institutions, shed light on the progress made by banks in implementing ESG measures.

According to the survey findings, a majority of the participants, approximately 65%, reported that they were actively implementing a solution for ESG. This demonstrates a growing awareness and commitment among banks to incorporate sustainable practices into their operations. However, it is noteworthy that a minority of participants were still in the process of identifying a suitable ESG solution, highlighting the complexity and challenges associated with implementing ESG measures.

Surprisingly, less than 10% of the participants confirmed having a fully implemented ESG solution in place. This indicates that while many banks are on their journey towards ESG integration, there is still a significant gap to bridge in terms of comprehensive implementation. The survey results emphasize the need for continued efforts and support to facilitate the adoption of ESG practices across the financial industry.

ESG Regulatory Differences in the EU and Switzerland:

During the event, the speakers highlighted the contrasting regulatory approaches to ESG in the EU and Switzerland. EU regulations on ESG can be highly specific and prescriptive, outlining detailed requirements that banks must adhere to. On the other hand, Switzerland has embraced a more market-driven approach, allowing for greater flexibility and self-regulation.

Practical Considerations for Implementing ESG:

Implementing ESG within a bank requires careful consideration of three key aspects: governance, processes and training; reliability of data; and reliability of systems. These pillars serve as a foundation for robust and sustainable ESG practices.

Recognizing the challenges faced by small and mid-size institutions in deploying ESG solutions, Indigita and its partners can offer a comprehensive "keys in hand" package. This package includes practical and compliant solutions that enable banks to streamline their ESG initiatives efficiently. By leveraging Indigita's expertise and cutting-edge tools, small and mid-size institutions can overcome implementation hurdles and establish a strong ESG framework.


The Indigita event held in Geneva provided valuable insights into the current state of ESG implementation within the EU and Switzerland. The survey results showcased a positive trend, with a majority of participants actively working towards ESG integration. However, there is still work to be done to bridge the gap between intention and full implementation.

As ESG regulations continue to evolve and market demands grow, it becomes increasingly important for banks to embrace sustainable practices. Indigita's capability to provide a "keys in hand" approach offers a practical and compliant solution, empowering small and mid-size institutions to navigate the complex landscape of ESG implementation. By working together, the financial industry can drive positive change and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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