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Reliable Cross-Border Compliance Tools And Training Solutions For Financial Institutions

May 2023 ACCLAIM 2023

In this interview with Acclaim Magazine, Achille Deodato, CEO of Indigita, reviews the company's trajectory and describes the ambitions for the business.

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Indigita is a leading Swiss RegTech (Regulatory Technology) company, specialised in cross-border compliance for private banking and credit services, product placement, investment appropriateness and tax suitability. We provide a range of powerful digital tools such as web-based stand-alone applications, APIs, and compliance and cross-border e-Learning solutions that make it easy for financial institutions and intermediaries to conduct their business in an efficient and compliant manner.

As of today, more than 2000 financial professionals rely on the cross-border and compliance guidance provided by Indigita’s platforms and more than 4000 financial professionals have been trained and certified with Indigita’s e-Learning courses.

One of Indigita’s solutions, called inApp, is a secure, cloud-based web application hosted in Switzerland, which allows our clients to instantly get straight answers on regulatory questions, considering client model, location and cross-border situation for over 190 jurisdictions.

Indigita’s online trainings are developed to ensure compliance with the current market training obligations. The e-Learning courses are available at anytime, anywhere, auditable, interactive, and continuously kept up to date

What challenges have you had to surmount to get to this point?

Initially, Indigita had the challenge of identifying and addressing the needs of financial institutions to provide the most powerful and intuitive cross-border compliance tools in the market.

As Indigita’s solutions started to take shape, our team of developers tackled the demanding challenge of enhancing these tools by integrating leading data providers and delivering the solutions to our clients in a simple form. One of Indigita’s most recent achievements has been the completion of its Information Security Management System (ISMS) as per ISO 27001 standards.

What are your ambitions for the business?

Indigita plans to further expand the capabilities of its inApp solution to incorporate ESG ratings for financial products and to flag products that are subject to sanctions.

In terms of our e-Learning solutions, we plan on continuing expanding our portfolio of online trainings in the fields of the new Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection, Operational Risks, and Digital Onboarding of Clients, among others.

This will allow financial institutions to comply with the requirements from banking supervisors, as well as the applicable laws and regulations.

Where in the world do you operate?

Indigita holds a leading position in the Swiss RegTech market but is also expanding into neighbouring EU-countries.

We are also looking into penetrating new geographical markets, such as the UK and the APAC region.

What are the benefits your firm gets from the WealthBriefing European Awards 2023?

These awards validate Indigita’s leading position as a trusted regulatory technology provider in the European region. They confirm to our existing and potential clients that we are a successful, reliable, and financially sustainable business with a vast potential for growth.

The awards also recognise the extraordinary effort that our talented team of professionals have put into creating and constantly expanding our digital solutions. This makes Indigita an attractive place for professionals to apply their talent and grow.

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