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Unlock Sustainable Investments: Insights from Indigita's inApp ESG Solution at SPHERE's Sustainable Solution Week

Thursday, 23 May 2024

By Nabil Hatimy, Head of Clients Delivery & Partnerships at Indigita SA

As the global community increasingly prioritizes sustainability, investors are seeking ways to align their financial decisions with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. At Indigita, we are committed to supporting professionals in understanding and navigating the complexities of ESG regulations.

What does Indigita’s inApp solution do in terms of ESG

Indigita's inApp web-application is revolutionizing the way investors assess the ESG impact of financial products. With inApp, investors gain access to ESG ratings of financial products from the data provider of their choice, allowing them to make informed decisions. These ratings are provided at the ISIN level and are categorized on a scale ranging from Negative Impact to Outstanding.

How easy is it to use

One of the key advantages of inApp is its user-friendly interface. After logging in, investors only need to input the ISIN(s) into the inApp, and the corresponding ESG rating, along with the Environmental, Social, and Governance separated ratings, will be displayed promptly.

Where does the data come from

Moreover, the flexibility of inApp extends to data sourcing. While inApp currently displays ESG ratings from LSEG, Prometeia manages the data and technical infrastructure of the joint solution. Thanks to Prometeia’s agnostic data layer, inApp can integrate ESG ratings from any data provider, including MSCI, Sustanalytics, and others.

What is inApp’s role in the ESG value chain

InApp plays a crucial role in the investment process as it facilitates the assessment of financial products' ESG impact, ensuring alignment with clients' preferences.

Whether building investment proposals or placing financial products, inApp empowers users to conduct spot checks and evaluate the suitability of products based on ESG criteria.


As participants engage with SPHERE's Sustainable Solutions Week, Indigita invites investors to explore the transformative potential of inApp in sustainable investing. Join us in reshaping the future of finance through pragmatic ESG insights and sustainable investment decisions.


Invest in sustainability. Invest with Indigita's inApp ESG solution.

About Indigita SA

Indigita SA is a Swiss regulatory (regtech) company headquartered in Geneva, which provides a suite of interactive trainings, digital tools and APIs to support financial institutions and their employees to conduct cross-border business in a safe and compliant way. Indigita is the regtech arm of the BRP Group and combines the industry-leading regulatory knowledge of its mother company BRP Bizzozero & Partners SA and its sister company BRP Tax SA with innovative digital channels. Indigita provides banks and asset managers efficient access to the most complete and up-to-date collection of cross-border rules for more than 190 jurisdictions.

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