Addressing the growing challenges faced by banks and financial advisers, we provide solutions that take the complexity out of Cross-Border compliance when conducting international business.


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Webinar AML / CDB 2020 presented by
Indigita SA & BRP Bizzozero & Partners SA

We are pleased to invite you the AML / CDB 2020 Webinar.

Presentation of the most relevant aspects concerning new regulations on
– AML / CDB 2020  (Sophie Maillard, Partner, BRP Bizzozero & Partners SA)
– Introduction to Indigita e-Learning solution (Andrea Briganti, Head of e-Learning, Indigita SA)
– Q & A

Join us for a webinar on the Platform GoToWebinar on  Apr 28, 2020 at 10:00 AM CET

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Remote Working Survival Guide

At Indigita we like to share our own experiences. This is why we used our e-Learning expertise to put at your disposal a Survival Guide for remote working.

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Cross-Border Compliance Report 2019 available!

Asian Private Banker released the result of an in-depth study of how private banks are attempting to ensure cross-border compliance. This survey has been sponsored by BRP SA and indigita.


Our unmatched rule set

Power is nothing without content! indigita is the only company offering powerful IT solutions fully integrated with content. Our exclusive access to the market leading cross-border regulation data from BRP SA is making us the ideal partner to help support your needs.

Our Cross-Border Data

Our technology

We address bank’s challenges by providing digitized solutions to access and utilize up-to-date, smart compliance data. Covering more than 165 countries, our solutions support straightforward precision when complying with foreign and international regulatory requirements.

Up to date

Our compliance rules and data are continuously monitored and updated. All regulatory changes within the covered countries are systematically considered.

Easy to integrate

Any IT system can access our rules and data through our state of the art API. Our rules have been developed in a market standard format to be rule engine agnostic.

Available via Swiss cloud

Our solutions are available via Swiss-based cloud, ensuring the highest level of availability and confidentiality. They can also be deployed on client infrastructure.


Each client has its own approach and strategy vis-à-vis cross-border. All our data and rules are customizable by the client to reflect their strategic decisions.

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