New Credit and Tax modules

We are pleased to announce the extension of our inApp offering with our brand-new Credit module.
Developed in close collaboration with BRP SA, the Credit module covers credit activities, specific provisions related to consumer credits or mortgage credits, disbursement of a credit and much more.
See how your business can benefit from indigita’s new Credit offering today!

We are delighted to announce the release of the new Tax module on indigita’s inApp in close collaboration with BRP Tax.
The brand-new tax module provides country specific tax suitability recommendations per financial product.
Take advantage of the new Tax functionality today!

Compliance answer in only 3 clicks!

Different versions to fit your specific needs

Whatever your size or your business complexity, there is an inApp version ready for you.

For Banks

Based on BRP Country Manuals for Private Banking and Product Placement.

Check authorized services for Banks, verify Product Placement and
filter Recommended Product List.

Possibility to define complex client structure (several beneficial owners, account holders and Power of Attorney) and to get answers for complex situations involving several countries. Possibility to check third-country meeting.


Based on BRP Country Manuals for External Asset Managers and Product Placement.

Check authorized services for EAM, verify Product Placement and
filter Recommended Product List.

Monthly Subscription.

Managing complex situations at your fingertips

Through its unique Rule Processing, inApp Premium is solving complex cases as easily as simple ones.
Multiple account members, multiple participants from multiple locations, meetings in a third country… inApp has an answer to any kind of situation.

inApp makes cross-border seamless

Ready to use

No installation is required. You simply connect through your mobile phone (iPhone or Android) or your desktop.

Pay only for what you use

Keep your cost under control by selecting a ‘pay-per-click’ approach and pay only when you access the information.

Verify your activities 

You instantly know whether or not you are allowed to perform an activity in a specific situation.                                  

Recommend only suitable products

You can filter through your product recommended list, showing only products suitable for your client’s profile.

Integrating with your existing solutions

Through its flexible architecture inApp can be interfaced with any kind of solution (CRM, Core Banking System…) to get specific information.

Swiss cloud

Confidentiality and security are guaranteed by best Swiss cloud provider. Your information is kept in Switzerland. No sensible data is necessary.

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