Cross-border country-specific courses


Country-specific courses are available for 200 jurisdictions and are based on the industry-leading cross-border knowledge found in the BRP Bizzozero & Partner SA Country Manuals.


Training staff specifically for the jurisdictions they operate in provides them with the confidence to conduct business in a compliant manner and reduces regulatory risk for the company. An assessment and certification form part of these courses, delivering auditable proof of the measures you take to mitigate cross-border risk.


Country-specific cross-border courses teach acceptable behaviour in the relationship with clients and prospects. The trainings offer simulations of real-life situations, as they are described in the BRP Country Manuals, and cover the following topics:


  1. Prospecting

  2. Negotiation

  3. Additional services

  4. Marketing

  5. Reporting

  6. Execution


Each course features two sections:


Knowledge transfer

In the first part of the course, participants will learn the relevant knowledge to securely handle cross-border activities related to a specific country with the help of various warm-up exercises, which are taking the participant through the content of the country manual.


Application and assessment

In the assessment, participants will apply their knowledge to real-world situations. Successful completion of the assessment will be awarded with a certificate to acknowledge the participant’s country-specific cross-border competencies.


Approximately 45 minutes.


Anyone who may come in contact with clients and/or prospects.


Completion of the Cross-Border Foundation course


A formal assessment consisting of 15 multiple choice questions with a passing grade of 80% forms a part of this course. Every test is unique and based on a pool of 400+ questions, derived from the country specific manuals of BRP Bizzozero & Partners SA.

Upon completion, participants will earn a certificate.