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Indigita & Centro Studi Villa Negroni join forces to deliver digital compliance training

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Zurich, 31 March 2020 - Swiss regtech company Indigita and financial training provider Centro Studi Villa Negroni (CSVN) have announced their partnership in the area of compliance training for financial intermediaries. The collaboration will further strengthen Indigita’s position as a leading digital training provider for cross-border and compliance topics and enable CSVN to broaden its education platform.

As part of the collaboration, CSVN will gain access to Indigita’s e-learning courses for cross-border regulations, anti-money laundering and market abuse to enhance its blended training offering for financial institutions and individual professionals. To Indigita, the partnership forms part of the firm’s strategy to expand its expertise as a leading provider of digital training solutions for regulatory and compliance topics. Indigita will benefit from CSVN’s experience as an established and highly regarded educational institution with a 30 years track record in offering education to the Swiss banking and financial centre. Thanks to the CSVN, Indigita’s courses will be recognised in the framework of SAQ quality certification; in addition, both partners will jointly develop new e-learning courses on regulatory and compliance topics in multiple languages to cover the various regions of Switzerland.

CSVN Director Tamara Erez said: “The partnership with Indigita will allow CSVN to enhance its education and training offering with new digital courses that deliver high-quality expert content. For our participants, this means more options to attend professional training courses both in presence and in digital form. It’s an additional step we take to offer financial professionals an agile training platform with first-rate specialist content.”

Indigita Head of E-Learning Andrea Briganti said: “CSVN is a well-recognised training institution that serves financial intermediaries not only in Ticino, but across Switzerland and therefore the ideal partner for Indigita to further extend our e-learning business. In today’s complex and oftentimes unforgiving regulatory environment, it’s crucial that employees have the necessary knowledge to do business in a safe and compliant manner. We are pleased to collaborate with CSVN in offering innovative e-learning solutions that address this vital need in Ticino and Switzerland.”

Indigita and CSVN will announce a number of new, jointly developed courses in the near future.

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