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Indigita helps banking professionals brush up their knowledge of AEOI and CRS

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Swiss regtech company Indigita SA is addressing the need for continuing education on the topics of Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) and Common Reporting Standard (CRS) with a new online training. The course serves as a refresher for financial professionals at banks operating in Switzerland and helps them conduct business in a safe and compliant way.

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With more than a quarter of all cross-border investments being managed in Switzerland, the country is particularly affected by the Automatic Exchange of Information. It’s therefore vital for financial professionals working in Switzerland to keep their knowledge of AEOI and its implications for their day-to-day work current at all times. Indigita’s new online training on AEOI and CRS helps professionals in compliance, risk, legal and front office roles at banks operating in Switzerland do just that.

The training is designed as a refresher to recapitulate key aspects of AEOI and CRS from a Swiss point of view and highlights the role of these frameworks in the fight against tax evasion. Participants learn how tax authorities and financial institutions in participating countries exchange information related to clients’ bank and safekeeping accounts and how this reconciles with client confidentiality and privacy protection.

The e-Learning course covers the Swiss legal basis and guidelines of the AEOI Act and the related AEOI Ordinance. Participants will learn about Switzerland’s partner jurisdictions, financial institutions’ due diligence obligations and how to determine controlling persons. They will further learn about the different categories of reporting and non-reporting financial institutions as well as non-financial entities and what AEOI means for each of them. The different steps and requirements of the AEOI reporting process are also addressed.

The online training requires approximately 40 minutes to be completed. In four chapters, it explains the theoretical basis, definitions and main concepts with the help of interactive elements and instant exercises. Participants’ learning progress will be tested in an assessment at the end of the course. As with all of Indigita’s e-Learning solutions, the training is combining theoretical foundations with practical applications to offer an engaging learning experience.

Indigita Head of E-Learning Andrea Briganti said: “AEOI is such a crucial topic for the Swiss financial centre and we’re pleased to offer a solution to address the continuing training needs in this field.”

The new course on AEOI and CRS represents a further addition to Indigita’s wide range of e-Learning solutions and is available in English as of now.

More information on Indigita’s e-Learning offering:

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