Our expertise – an exclusive know-how


Indigita brings a unique body of integrated cross-border compliance and regulatory compliance knowledge for financial institutions to the digital realm.


Indigita draws its expertise from the Country Manuals produced by BRP Bizzozero & Partners SA, which assist financial institutions in managing the regulatory risks associated with the international provision of financial services across borders. Over the years, BRP’s Country Manuals have become a standard reference for the different rules of conduct based on local laws and regulations for more than 170 countries and are well established within the financial industry.

In the area of taxation, Indigita’s expertise builds on the experience and knowledge of BRP Tax SA. As a fundamental pillar of any cross-border strategy, tax suitability considerations play an important role in mitigating commercial risk.

The e-Learning expertise of Indigita is backed by BRP Bizzozero & Partners SA and by leading Swiss and international training centers and law firms. Through its platform, Indigita grants a constant update of its courses.



BRP’s Country Manuals Private Banking cover the regulatory requirements for the provision of cross-border financial services non-domestic banks have to comply with, with a particular view on local licensing requirements.

Indigita’s solutions with regard to private banking services cover, among other topics:

Marketing, advertising and solicitation to clients and prospects.

Pre-contractual activities and contract negotiation.

Provision of different types of services, such as execution only, investment advisory, discretionary asset management, e-banking, research, credit / debit cards and reporting.

Cooperation with third parties, such as finders, business introducers and external asset managers.




Indigita has developed over the years an extensive offering of compliance courses for financial institutions. The content of the courses is provided by BRP or by leading schools, universities and law firms specialising in financial law.

Indigita’s solutions with regard to e-Learning cover, among other topics 

Cross-border regulations for Private Banking services.

Cross-border regulations for the distribution of investment products.

Compliance regulations for Switzerland and Luxembourg (e.g. AML, Market Abuse, FINSA, etc.).

The possibility to tailor e-Learning courses as per the needs of the client.




BRP’s Country Manuals Credits explain the regulatory situation in the target country as it relates to licensing requirements for the cross-border offering and provision of credit services by a non-domestic, unlicensed credit institution.

Indigita’s solutions with regard to credits cover, among other topics:

Wide range of credit types, including consumer credits, overdraft facilities, credit cards, lombard credits, advance against securities, mortgage credits, corporate lending and transactional financing (commodity trade finance).

Overview on mandatory national consumer protection and data protection provisions.

Foreign exchange restrictions with potential impact on credit disbursement.

Local requirements for the pledging of securities listed in the respective country.

Tax implications of credit provision.




BRP’s Country Manuals Products reflect the regulatory requirements in relation to the distribution of financial products on a cross-border basis in or to a specific country and specify the circumstances under which different types of financial products as well as related marketing documentation may be sold, advised on or placed.

Indigita’s solutions with regard to financial products cover, among other topics :

A wide range of financial products, including different types of securities, collective investment schemes, derivatives and further products, such as FX, precious metals and money market instruments.

Providing summaries of regulatory distribution rules for different products in a cross-border context, including information on mandatory documentation.

Offering behaviour templates with simple-to-follow “do vs. don’t” instructions.

Large array of factors considered, such as client category, location of activity, distribution type, contractual basis, regulatory exemptions, product registration, and further criteria.



The knowledge provided by the BRP Tax Country Manuals aims to mitigate a financial institution’s commercial risks and differs from individual tax advice.

Indigita’s solutions with regard to taxation cover, among other topics :

Selection of tax-suitable financial products, considering a client's country of residence.

Exclusion of financial instruments which don’t fulfil local reporting requirements or which are deemed to be tax-detrimental

Definition of a client investment portfolio’s after-tax performance rating.

Identification of applicable tax rates, fees deduction eligibility, compensation of losses as well as reporting and administrative obligations.