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Dedicated To Fulfilling Clients' Requirements

April 2024 ACCLAIM 2024

In this interview with Acclaim Magazine, Achille Deodato, CEO of Indigita, reflects on the financial industry trends, company's journey and its rise as a prominent regulatory technology (RegTech) provider. He discusses how Indigita has become a leader in offering integrated cross-border compliance solutions and in leveraging strategic partnerships to empower financial institutions worldwide.

Question: What was the winning formula of your firm that explains why you won?

Answer: The winning formula of Indigita lies in its evolution into a comprehensive regulatory technology (RegTech) powerhouse. We offer a unique blend of integrated cross-border compliance and regulatory expertise, empowering financial enterprises worldwide to navigate compliance landscapes effortlessly.

Our suite of digital solutions—from SAQ-certified e-Learning trainings to web-based applications and APIs—offers cross-border compliance, risk management, product placement, and tax suitability solutions for banks and External Asset Managers (EAMs). This cutting-edge technology suite is backed by the industry-leading expertise of BRP Bizzozero & Partners and BRP Tax SA. In addition, collaborations with esteemed partners like SIX, FE fundinfo, and Prometeia among others further enhance our ability to provide the most accurate and reliable data on the market.

Overall, this integrated approach has enabled us to establish a new standard in the industry, ensuring our success in attracting valuable clients and stakeholders.

Question: What are you going to do to remain competitive and stay ahead?

Answer: To remain competitive and stay ahead, we will continue prioritising the development of best-in-class digital cross-border compliance solutions for activities, product placement, and tax suitability, supporting banks and asset managers in offering top-tier service and the most suitable products to their clients.

Building upon our achievements in 2023, we have enhanced our capacity to provide private placement exemptions specific to various jurisdictions and asset classes. Thanks to our strategic partnership with FE fundinfo, we have expanded our capabilities to offer alternative fund share classes, enhancing portfolio suitability in alignment with product registration requirements. Through our longstanding collaboration with SIX, we have further integrated sanctioned securities into our inApp, tailored to meet client-specific requirements. Additionally, thanks to our partnership with Prometeia, we have integrated ESG ratings for financial products into our solutions and offer a comprehensive SAQ-certified e-Learning program on ESG for financial professionals.

Question: Where do you see the wealth management industry and your part of it going in the next five years?

Answer: I anticipate significant transformation within the wealth management industry, marked by increased automation, the emergence of integrated solutions through APIs, and a heightened emphasis on cybersecurity and privacy.

Additionally, ESG investing is expected to gain traction, while regulatory requirements will continue to evolve, necessitating ongoing adaptation and compliance. The integration of AI and machine learning technologies into RegTech solutions will drive efficiency and innovation in financial services. Indigita’s role in this evolving landscape will be integral.

We remain dedicated to providing digital solutions to empower financial intermediaries in navigating these challenges smoothly, ensuring compliance, and meeting the evolving needs of clients.

Question: Please describe how your colleagues made a difference?

Answer: Last year was remarkable in terms of partnerships and the release of new features. Our teams’ dedicated efforts have established Indigita’s market presence, showcasing our adeptness in fulfilling clients' requirements – ranging from large banking conglomerates, with thousands of employees, to small asset managers, with fewer than ten staff members.

Whether through continuous innovation in our product offerings or delivering exceptional client support—both technical and legal—each team member significantly contributes to advancing our mission of empowering financial intermediaries with seamless compliance solutions.

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