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Indigita’s e-Learning courses are now eligible to count towards the SAQ recertification

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Swiss regtech company Indigita SA has announced its recognition by SAQ Swiss Association for Quality. The recognition allows client advisors at financial institutions to earn credits towards their professional recertification with SAQ by attending Indigita e-Learning courses on a range of financial and regulatory topics.

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SAQ acts as a neutral and independent body for the “Client Advisor Bank” certification. By obtaining the SAQ certificate, client advisors demonstrate that they have acquired the expertise and practical skills required to operate in their role. The SAQ certificate is considered a Swiss quality standard for client advisors and remains valid for three years. After this period, client advisors can apply for recertification by completing a certain number of training hours to ensure their professional knowledge remains up-to-date. Thanks to Indigita’s recognition by SAQ, a range of its popular e-Learning courses are now eligible to count towards recertification.

Indigita is continuously expanding its line of SAQ-recognised e-Learning courses. At the moment, client advisors can attend online trainings on the topics of anti-money laundering (AML), market abuse, fraudulent instructions and cybersecurity as part of their recertification curriculum. Each programme features a combination of theoretical foundations and interactive elements to offer an engaging learning experience. The courses conclude with a final assessment to make sure participants have gained a profound understanding of the topic. Upon successful completion of the assessment, client advisors will be granted the respective training credits towards their SAQ recertification.

Indigita Head of e-Learning Andrea Briganti said: “Having our e-Learning courses recognised by SAQ to count towards the recertification of their Certified Wealth Management Advisor CWMA programme brings substantial added value for our clients. Particularly in today’s virtual environment, online training is the appropriate solution to train relationship managers on a continuing basis, in order for them to have the skills and knowledge to deliver excellent client service.”

SAQ Head of Certification Daniel Meyer said: “Our SAQ certification for client advisors has established itself as the quality standard across all banking groups in Switzerland. We have currently issued over 14’000 valid certificates for client advisors. These require a wide range of high-quality recertification measures. The current situation also shows a high demand for recertification measures that can be taken independently of time and place.”

Indigita’s SAQ-recognised e-Learning courses are available in multiple languages and form part of the company’s broad offering of compliance training for financial institutions.

Further information:

SAQ guidelines on the submission of recertification measures (RCM)

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