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Suitability by ISIN: BRP, cleversoft and Indigita launch the first One-Stop-Shop

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Geneva, 14 July 2020 - Swiss regulatory expert BRP Bizzozero & Partners SA, German financial services expert cleversoft GmbH and RegTech company Indigita SA have announced their collaboration to seamlessly integrate client, cross-border and tax suitability checks for financial products with the provision of the respective regulatory documentation according to FinSA and PRIIPs. Through this unique offering, Financial institutions obtain all these checks and information from a single source covering all types of asset classes.

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The new joint offer, which is unique on the market, provides financial institutions with an end-to-end solution integrating information on product and tax suitability, regulatory and Key Information Documents (KID) for PRIIPs and FinSA, data on financial instruments, target market and ESG sustainability information, cross-border rules and suitability reports. Users will be able to run fully automated checks covering all types of asset classes by simply using an ISIN.

Clients will further benefit from the expertise of in-house legal and tax experts as well as financial engineering and regulatory reporting specialists.

As part of the collaboration, Indigita’s API will be integrated into the cleversoft Compliance Suite to create a unique offering, which combines BRP’s continuously updated compliance and cross-border information with cleversoft’s platform for pre-Trade compliance documents and suitability. BRP, cleversoft and Indigita’s joint-solution is available as of now.

Patrick Genazzi, CEO of BRP, says: “The combination of skills generates a vital solution for suitability processes. Our solution works on the ISIN and covers any type of financial instruments. Together we offer what must be the fundamental of any RegTech conglomerate: a perfect combination of technical and regulatory skills as well as the unique capacity in terms of assistance, being it linked to integration and/or to regulatory/compliance issues.”

Desislava Marvakova, Head of Regulatory Services at cleversoft says: “With the integration of BRP & Indigita’s market leading digital cross border API and tax suitability, we can now extend our pre-Trade suitability capabilities to offer a one-stop-solution. Client Advisory is now enabled to on the fly validate even the most complex cross border and tax checks on a per instrument basis. With our connection to more than 130 issuers and exchanges, advisors are additionally supported with regulatory documentation for more than 15 Mio financial instruments.”

Achille Deodato, CEO at Indigita says: “We’re excited to team up with cleversoft to create a true solution for financial institutions, providing them with all the information needed to market and place products in a safe and compliant way. The collaboration marks another important step in support of Indigita’s strategic ambition to establish the Indigita API as an industry standard for the integration of comprehensive and always up-to-date information on financial services regulations and cross-border rules.”

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