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Indigita and BRP Tax publish online course on "Cross-border Tax - Germany"

Swiss regtech company Indigita SA is collaborating with BRP Tax SA, a leading provider of cross-border tax expertise, to offer a new e-Learning course on German taxation and the related treatment of different financial products in a cross-border context. The training further extends Indigita’s broad portfolio of online courses on general and country-specific tax topics.

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The new online training on German cross-border taxation is aimed at financial professionals working with individuals who are considered tax residents in Germany. Course participants will gain a comprehensive overview of private client taxation rules with an emphasis on the tax treatment of different financial products.

The training is structured into five comprehensive chapters and starts with an introduction to the fundamental principles of German taxation. Participants learn about the criteria to determine whether an individual is considered a German resident from a tax point of view. In a subsequent chapter on the taxation of income, the course outlines the different categories of income and takes a detailed look at the tax impact of private assets linked to financial instruments.

The training provides an overview of inheritance tax and other taxes relevant in a German cross-border setting before focusing on the German General Tax Act and the Foreign Tax Act to explain the application of anti-avoidance tax rules for offshore companies, life insurance policies, trusts and foundations, and others.

The online course continues with an overview of the applicable tax rates for different financial products, such as crypto assets, foreign exchange (spot) transactions, derivatives, bonds, equities, precious metals, and others. Particular attention is paid to the taxation of investment funds. The training concludes with the presentation of multiple case studies and asks participants to complete short knowledge checks to confirm their learning progress.

The online course takes approximately 40 minutes to complete and is available in English. The training can be booked as part of a corporate subscription.

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