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Indigita partners with Route Crypto Training to expand the offering of e-Learning courses on cryptocurrencies

Swiss regtech company Indigita SA, a leading provider of digital cross-border compliance solutions, has announced a partnership with Route Crypto Training, an e-learning and knowledge management platform on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the realm of digital education as the two entities join forces to commercialize e-learning courses on digital assets.

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The aim of this partnership is to leverage the respective expertise of both firms to market comprehensive digital courses tailored to meet the evolving needs of today's financial professionals. Through this alliance, Route Crypto Training’s digital courses will seamlessly integrate into Indigita’s Learning Management System (LMS) platform.


Route Crypto Training is known to cater specifically the needs of Private Banking Advisors, Financial Advisors, Family Offices, Wealth Managers, and Retirement Advisors. With the cryptocurrency market experiencing exponential growth and gaining institutional legitimacy, the demand for flexible and resilient digital training tools has surged. This integration allows for the seamless inheritance of Indigita's LMS features, including advanced control, monitoring capabilities, and quality certifications, enhancing the overall learning experience.


Thanks to this partnership, financial professionals will access top-tier content, enhancing their understanding of the market complexities around digital assets and obtain a valuable knowledge toolkit for interactions with clients and prospects.


For more information about Indigita’s e-Learning offering:


For more information about Route Crypto Training’s e-Learning offering:

About Route Crypto Training

Route Crypto Training is a digital training and knowledge management platform dedicated to the specific needs of Private Banking Advisors, Financial Advisors, Wealth Managers, Family Offices and Pension Advisors. It is owned by MFG Consulting, a company specialised in strategic and management consulting, and offers a wide range of digital courses on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.


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