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Indigita participated in the Digital Solutions Conference in Zurich - 2nd Edition

For one week, Indigita in collaboration with SPHERE, the leading community of peers in the Swiss Finance industry, accompanied asset managers in the world of digitalisation, fintechs and digital assets. On this occasion, Indigita’s CEO, Achille Deodato had a 1:1 discussion with Chief Editor of SPHERE, Andreas Schaffner, about the effective mitigation of cross-border compliance and tax risks for wealth managers.

The conference in Zurich served a unique platform to share insights on the challenges, opportunities and new business models, which digitisation brings to the wealth management industry. Indigita, among other key market players, participated as an expert in digital cross-border compliance and tax treatment.

Indigita's CEO, Achille Deodato shared his view on cross-border regulations for wealth managers, their exposure to foreign cross-border rules, and the differences between Swiss and foreign laws. He also addressed how to minimise cross-border risks as per FINMA’s requirements, and the importance of automation and digitisation of cross-border compliance controls and tax suitability checks in an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

To open the programme of the event, please click here.

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