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Indigita published a new e-Learning refresher course on the essentials of MiFID II for financial intermediaries

Indigita SA introduces a new MiFID II course tailored for banks and asset managers providing investment services or performing investment activities subject to MiFID II regulation. It enables participants to perfect their knowledge and skills regarding investor protection requirements and practices. The training is recognised by the SAQ Swiss Association for Quality.

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MiFID II, in force since January 2018, is a comprehensive directive established by the European Union. It primarily aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Investor Protection: It defines the operational conditions for investment firms to provide investment services with a key focus on ensuring robust investor protection;

  • Harmonize Regulatory Framework: MiFID II seeks to harmonize the regulatory framework that governs investment services across the European Union, promoting consistency and fairness;

  • Boost Market Transparency: By increasing transparency in the European securities market, MiFID II aims to bolster confidence, address areas previously unregulated, and ensure that supervisory authorities are equipped with sufficient powers to effectively perform their duties.


The course goes through each pillar of the regulation, including:

  • Client classification to ensure that clients receive the appropriate level of protection and information;

  • Investor protection to guarantee that financial intermediaries act in the best interests of clients;

  • Appropriateness to assess whether the investment service or product is appropriate;

  • Suitability to evaluate the client’s knowledge, experience, financial situation, and investment objectives;

  • Product governance to establish appropriate product distribution to end clients;

  • Transparency and the enhanced reporting requirements.


Through interactive modules, participants will acquire theoretical knowledge and practical insights to better understand the organizational requirements around conflicts of interest, client asset protection, and product governance.


The e-Learning takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and concludes with a final assessment to validate participants' learning progress. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate.

The e-Learning course is available as part of a corporate subscription or can be purchased by individual professionals directly through the Indigita e-Shop:


For more information about Indigita’s MiFID II Refresher course:

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