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Private Placement Exemptions now available in Indigita’s inApp

Swiss regtech company Indigita SA, a leading provider of regulatory technology solutions, announces the launch of a new feature within its flagship solution, inApp. This innovative functionality empowers financial institutions to seamlessly identify and adhere to specific Private Placement Exemptions when distributing financial products across borders. By providing real-time guidance on compliance with local private placement regulations, Indigita continues to revolutionise the way banks and issuers navigate the complex world of cross-border investments.

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Indigita's inApp is a trusted resource for financial institutions, offering comprehensive regulatory answers for cross-border compliance in private banking, credits, product placement and tax suitability. With the introduction of this new feature, inApp goes a step further in simplifying cross-border product placement. The system can accurately pinpoint the Private Placement Exemptions relevant to a specific financial product and its target market, ensuring that banks and issuers are fully informed about the regulatory landscape.

This advancement holds significant importance as it addresses a longstanding challenge faced by financial institutions — understanding and adhering to the varying Private Placement Exemptions in different jurisdictions. The ability to identify and follow these exemptions is crucial when distributing financial products across borders, ensuring that offerings comply with local regulations. Indigita's new functionality in inApp is based on simple ISIN search and empowers banks and issuers to navigate this complex regulatory landscape confidently and efficiently.

By leveraging Indigita's innovative technology, banks and issuers can now align their financial product placements with the Private Placement Exemptions applicable in the countries of their clients' domicile. This not only enhances compliance but also strengthens client relationships by demonstrating a commitment to regulatory excellence.

Mr. Achille Deodato, CEO of Indigita, shared his insights on this remarkable development: "Indigita has always been at the forefront of providing innovative solutions to empower financial institutions in their regulatory compliance journey. By enabling our clients to effortlessly navigate the intricacies of Private Placement Exemptions, we are further solidifying our position as a trusted partner in the financial industry's compliance ecosystem”.

This announcement coincides with a recent blog article published by Indigita, titled "Navigating International Private Placement Exemptions: A Win-Win for Issuers and Banks". The article explores the significance of Private Placement Exemptions in the financial industry, providing insights into their regulatory importance and the challenges faced by issuers and banks operating in multiple countries.

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