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Indigita & id4 automate cross-border compliance along the client lifecycle of financial institutions

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Zurich, 21 April 2020 - Swiss regtech company Indigita and client lifecycle management (CLM) solution provider id4 are partnering to automate cross-border compliance checks and risk controls for small and medium-sized financial institutions on the platform.

Thanks to the integration of Indigita's API into the platform, id4 can offer its clients cross-border compliance checks on information related to business processes, such as onboarding, customer relationship management and KYC procedures. This provides financial institutions with a high degree of regulatory certainty and clarity for cross-border business along the entire client lifecycle. Indigita's expertise is based directly on the knowledge of BRP Bizzozero and Partners SA, a cross-border risk management specialist that is well known in the industry for its Country Manuals. The integration with further strengthens the position of Indigita's proprietary API as an industry standard for the application of automated cross-border rules.

Indigita CEO Achille Deodato said: “Indigita’s API is a natural fit for client onboarding and lifecycle management of clients. Thanks to our solution, it is possible to manage cross-border risks in a fully automated and effortless manner at several levels. I am very glad that we have partnered with id4: the users of will now be able to enjoy an advanced lifecycle management solution that allows them to conduct business safely across borders.”

id4 AG CEO Sebastien Lalande said: “ offers a simple to use, one stop solution for client lifecycle management. It Integrates seamlessly with best in class third party providers, we support our clients management of their regulatory obligations in the most efficient manner. Regulatory-wise one of the first obstacles financial institutions face when contacting clients and prospects is to make sure they comply with cross-border rules. I am very happy to be able to offer Indigita’s recognised expertise within our solution so that we may guide our clients efficiently.”

id4 customers can benefit from these cross-border controls as of now.

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